Three Tips to Improve Your Home Design with Energy Efficient LED Bulbs



If you dream of remodeling your home on a budget, chances are you’ve considered some new paint, area rugs, or window treatments. While these updates can freshen up rooms without breaking the bank, there’s one crucial and often overlooked design element that can truly transform a room: lighting.

The good news is that improving lighting doesn’t necessarily require all new fixtures. Simply switching from standard bulbs to LED bulbs can improve the ambiance of your home with stylish features and energy-saving benefits that can have a huge impact on your energy bill – and appearance. and the usability of your global space.

Lighting can alter the look of paint, furniture and decor, becoming even more important with the seasons. As the days get shorter and darker, light up your home with a raised, energy-efficient baseline: LED bulbs.

Here are some bright ideas for rearranging rooms using the power of the humble light bulb:

1. Go LED for cost savings

Some LED bulbs reduce household energy costs over their lifetime. An EcoSmart bulb saves $ 0.55 to $ 2.65 on average per bulb over its 25,000 hour lifespan. The new LED bulbs offer the latest innovation in lighting technology and are available in a wide assortment of wattages, colors, base options and shapes.

2. Note the function

LEDs are directional light sources, allowing them to project light and use energy more efficiently. When choosing your ideal bulb style, consider the purpose of the room. A kitchen should be bright to make food preparation easier, but your bedroom should be a restful and comfortable oasis. For a living room, you might want to upgrade from a game and puzzle center with focused lighting to a dark home theater for movie night.

• Kitchens need light to perform cooking tasks, as well as for entertaining. EcoSmart LED recessed and track lights (BR) provide powerful overhead lighting in enclosed luminaires.

• Bathrooms need efficient lighting and a decorative style. Globe-shaped LED bulbs emit light in all directions, making them ideal for mirrors and pendant lights.

• Dining rooms are a great place to display decorative light fixtures with candle bulbs. The new and improved decorative bulbs feature a thinner, longer filament design – with options like finely curved or horizontal – that combine authentic styles and 360-degree light output with low glare for high-quality lighting that doesn’t sacrifice not the style.

• Rooms or living spaces where ambiance is paramount offer endless creative possibilities. Vintage is a look that never really goes out of style and EcoSmart “Edison” bulbs provide a “true vintage look”, as well as the benefits of LED technology. EcoSmart also offers a dimming option for these bulbs, so you can choose exactly how much light you want.


• Outdoor living areas benefit from security lighting. Turn any device into a state-of-the-art security device with features like motion sensors, high efficiency, and dusk-to-dawn. Look for bulbs that are compatible with floodlights, emergency lighting, and landscape lighting (PAR).

3. Choose “color temperature” to change the mood

Today’s LED bulbs offer a wide variety of color temperatures, allowing you to make the room warmer and more comfortable, or cooler and crisper.

Contrary to what you might think, the warmer the light source (measured in Kelvins), the cooler the “color temperature”, so lights with temperatures of 5,000 Kelvins or more appear brighter, sharper, and more. more bluish. However, light temperatures of around 2,500 to 3,000 Kelvins emit an amber, yellowish or orange tint that makes rooms warmer and more comfortable.

“Like choosing paint in cool or warm colors, choosing the right color temperature for lighting can really transform a space,” said Sarah Fishburne, director of trends and design for The Home Depot. “You can accentuate warm tones like yellows, reds and oranges by using ‘warm’ colored lighting, or you can make a room brighter, brighter and more airy by choosing lighting with a ‘cool’ temperature.

Experiment with different bulbs and settings to see what works best with your room. For the ultimate color selection, try an EcoSmart bulb with 5 CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) that lets you customize the color of the light using a built-in switch. Bulbs equipped with DuoBright technology allow you to adjust the color temperature and brightness with your existing dimmer to meet your preferences at any time – emitting 5,000 Kelvins (daylight) at full brightness and slowly rising to 2,000 Kelvins (Sunset Glow) when dimmed.

Change your bulbs, change the world

The other good news about bulb replacement? You are also helping the environment. On average, an improved EcoSmart LED bulb uses 85% less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb.

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