Tips for Adding Farmhouse Style Elements to Your Home Design

When it comes to home design, the farmhouse style represents a total intersection of beauty and functionality, so it’s no surprise that many are embracing this traditional look today. Regardless of your home’s architectural style, adding key design elements can help you take advantage of the best aspects of the farmhouse trend. Here are some renovations to consider:

• An Updated Porch: Adding a porch or expanding an existing porch will not only add charming farmhouse-style appeal, but will also expand your outdoor living space. Be sure to decorate your porch with as much care as you would any other room in your home. Include comfortable furniture, like rocking chairs and a porch swing, with throw pillows. Add potted plants for a splash of vibrant greenery, lantern wall sconces for lighting, and outdoor rugs for coziness. Don’t forget the entrance. Make it more inviting with seasonal wreaths and a cheerful welcome mat.

• Board ‘n Batten Siding: Bringing a rustic, handcrafted quality to any home, even built-in contemporary styles, “board ‘n batten” is a centuries-old siding design that encapsulates the appeal of style homes. closed. The term “batten” refers to the strip of molding placed over the joint between the boards. The resulting look features an attractive geometry of strong vertical lines balanced by a textured feel on the horizontal face. Although the look is traditional, you can match it with the latest coating technology. For example, ProVia’s CedarMAX Insulated Siding is available in many styles, including plank and batten. This complete thermal cladding system provides continuous insulation for maximum energy savings. With five times the impact resistance of ordinary siding and weather protection, it’s not only a charming aesthetic upgrade, but one that will enhance the comfort of your home for years to come. come.

• Metal roofing: There is a reason why metal roofing plays such a prominent role in the design of authentic farms: they are built to last. This is truer than ever today, thanks to advances in metal roofing technology. Offering superior color retention, long-term reliability, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, architectural-grade metal shingle roofing is an upgrade that can add both beauty and value to your home. In the case of ProVia’s metal slate roofing, which is designed to resemble classic quarry slate shingles, you can enjoy nature’s beauty in shades of gray and brown, while benefiting from proven protection against hail, wind, rain and corrosion.

• Interior Touches: Revamp your home’s interior to make it farmhouse-inspired with a few updates. Classic looks include neutral walls, such as matte tones of beige, gray, and cream, shabby chic furniture — think wicker, distressed wood, and reclaimed wood — and hardwood floors. Consider dusting off a few second-hand items or visiting antique stores and estate sales for unique finds. Above all, be sure to prioritize comfort, warmth and practicality.

To embrace everything a home should be – an inviting place to gather with friends and family – add touches of farmhouse style to your home, inside and out. (State Point)

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