Which home security systems rank better than Ring?

As crime continues to dominate the headlines today, safety is a priority for many homeowners. But financial expert Clark Howard wants you to know that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to add a security system to your home. In fact, you can probably do it yourself and do it for less. That’s what Clark did.

“I’m not very competent at home,” admits Clark. “Same I was able to install a very comprehensive home security system.

Clark installed a Ring system in his home a few years ago. He chose Ring because of its low monthly monitoring cost and (of course) because of the many deals he found at Costco. While Ring systems may have attractive prices, do they actually work?

What are the top rated home security systems?

“So the question is, how good are these home security systems?” Clark asks. For the answer to this question, we turned to Consumer Reports Best home security systems for 2022. (Note: you need a membership to access most information on Consumer Reports.)

Consumer Reports tested the systems against a number of features it considered “safety essentials” for the bare minimum in home security:

  • Self-monitoring via mobile phone app
  • Keyboards and key fobs
  • E911 (the ability to contact emergency services regardless of your location)

The post also judged additional security features regarding personal safety, smart home capabilities, motion detection and more.

Let’s look at the best DIY home security systems, according to Consumer Reports. We have listed the basic features of each device. Consumer Reports indicates that each of these systems also has data security: “data privacy, data security, play again disarm the resistanceand jamming resistance.” Scores are based on a 100 point scale.

Report: These are the best DIY home security systems

1. SimpliSafe Essentials SS3-01

Screenshot via Best Buy

Rating: 76


  • Safety Essentials
  • Data security
  • Monitoring: Optional

Three subscription plans, including self-monitoring ($10 per month); Standard monitoring ($18 per month); and interactive monitoring ($28 per month).

Price: $164.99

2. Kangaroo Entry Door Security Kit

Kangaroo Safety Kit
Screenshot via Top10Kangourou.com

Rating: 75


Price: $179

3. Ring Alarm 4K19SZ-0ENO Security Kit (2nd Generation)

Ring security system
Screenshot via BestBuy.com

Rating: 74

Price: $299.99

4. Ecobee Home Security Solution

Ecobee security system
Screenshot via Amazon.com

Rating: 70

Price: $98.68

5. Blue by ADT Starter Plus System

Blue by ADT security system
Screenshot via BluebyADT.com

Rating: 67

Price: $299.99

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