You would be Wyze not to skip these incredible smart home security deals


This Black Friday, you don’t have to spend more than $ 60 on a great set of home security cameras, video doorbells, or alarm systems. These Wyze Black Friday deals will save you a ton of money compared to other smart home security systems and still deliver a brilliant experience every time.

Before you begin, note that Wyze does not support Apple HomeKit. If you need a HomeKit-enabled home security system, video doorbell, or camera, check out the best Black Friday HomeKit deals.

The Wyze Video Doorbell and Wyze Cam Outdoor deliver 1080p quality video over Wi-Fi, packaged in an IP65 water and dust resistant shell, making it easy to place them anywhere you need them.

Wyze integrates a chime with its video doorbell, which means you won’t need to connect to an existing doorbell system just to hear the ringing when someone rings your doorbell. You will also find that 1080p video on Wyze Video Doorbell is more useful than other video doorbells thanks to the 4: 3 aspect ratio – which Wyze calls head-to-toe video – because it sees more people at your door than it does. 16: 9 widescreen video.

The Wyze Video Doorbell and Wyze Cam Outdoor can also last up to 6 months on a single battery charge, making them ideal solutions for remote outdoor cameras.

Wyze smart home solutions will make you feel brilliant

It all comes together under the Wize home security system, which can use any other Wyze cameras you might have on your home network to create a more comprehensive home security system. This basic kit will cover any apartment or small house with two touch sensors, either of which can be placed on any window or door you wish to cover.

Large homes can pick up all of the additional sensors needed to cover the windows and doors in your home, and up to 100 sensors can be used on a single system.

Wyze’s easy-to-use keypad can be used to arm or disarm the system, or you can access the Wyze app to get the job done instead. Since Wyze doesn’t use HomeKit, you’ll need to use the Wyze app to schedule the automations you want. Another reason to buy a bunch of Wyze products instead of trying to mix a system with lots of other brands.

Finally, if you prefer professional monitoring, Wyze offers 24/7 professional monitoring service for a nominal monthly fee. This way, you don’t need to tinker around to make sure your home is protected all day and night.

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