Zagreb-based startup Brombul expands home security app offering Zuluhood

August 4, 2022 – Zagreb startup Brombul is expanding the services offered by its Zuluhood application (app), which has been hailed as the ”Uber of home security”.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Darko Bicak writes, smart homes help protect the house or apartment itself, the things in it, and household members from unwanted accidents or burglaries, so people are busy investing more more in them.

Research indicates that at the end of 2020 there were 51.4 million ‘smart’ homes across Europe, and it is predicted there will be over 100 million by the end of 2024 On that note, the Croatian “Uber for home security” was born, as was the Zuluhood app, which was developed in 2019 by Zagreb startup Brombul.

Today, their protection has been strengthened thanks to cooperation with the company AKD Zastita (Protection), which provides its users with physical security guards as and when required. As explained by this company, led by founder and executive director Maja Krejci, it is a platform that is constantly updated and provides users with the services they need at that precise moment.

Additional protection

“Zuluhood – the first Croatian mobile home security platform – now offers the services of the security company AKD Zastita on demand. In other words, the principle is similar to that of Uber: thanks to the free application, you can order exactly one of Zuluhood’s services when you need it,” Krejci explained.

Security guards are available 24 hours a day, so their presence can be requested at any time of the day or night through Zagreb-based start-up Brombil’s Zuluhood mobile app. A home inspection means a regular visit to the home and household members by professional security guards who will inform their clients of the conditions they have found there.

In addition to receiving information on whether everything is in order or not at home, the physical presence of a security guard also serves as an additional protection as it sends a clear message that the house is properly guarded. For the first time, the alarm forwarding service for smart home systems, such as the D-Link or Arlo camera and Google Home and Amazon Alexa, has also been fully enabled.

The service is also now available on request and for shorter periods, such as during weekends or holidays. The user does not need to be physically available – all alarms are automatically transmitted to the monitoring center, which then sends security guards if necessary.

As they pointed out from the Zagreb startup Brombul, the cooperation with AKD allows users, whether they need this service for a few hours or a few days, to easily order home security services through the app. Ultimately, the Safe socializing service means that when organizing a larger gathering, celebration or wedding, users can simply contact a security officer who will make sure everything goes smoothly. goes well.

“The above-mentioned services are currently provided by AKD Zastita, but soon users will be able to choose between several security companies. In addition to this, new services are in the pipeline, such as elderly care,” Krejci said. Zagreb start-up Brombil’s Zuluhood app, he added, allows everyone to distinguish between what is urgent and what is not. Users can count on the rapid response of a security company available at any time of the day or night, but also on the help of friends or neighbors who will also be notified via Zuluhood in the event of an emergency.

“Our goal is to allow users to connect various smart home systems to the Zuluhood app. The feedback we’ve had has all been very positive so far, it’s great to hear when they tell us ‘J needed something like that” or when they compare us to Uber for home security.

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